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Greetings, galactic adventurers!

Ready to dive into a thrilling world of epic space battles, daring pilots, and mysteries beyond our solar system? You've come to the right place! Welcome to the Star Runners Universe, the ultimate science fiction and space fantasy book series for young adults.

Soar Among the Stars

  • Edge-of-Your-Seat Adventure
    One minute you're on Earth, the next you're dodging laser beams in a space dogfight!


  • Compelling Characters
    Meet heroes you’ll root for and villains you’ll love to hate.


  • Mind-blowing Worlds
    Experience cultures, creatures, and technologies beyond your wildest imaginings.

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About Us

Meet the Author

Hello there, aspiring space cadets!

I'm L.E. Thomas, the creator of the Star Runners Universe. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve loved getting lost in tales of brave warriors, futuristic tech, and alien planets. Now, I'm turning those childhood dreams into the kind of books I’ve always wanted to read. What started as scribbles in a notebook has turned into an expansive universe with so much to explore – join me for exciting adventures among the stars!


Brace for Gripping Tales of Courage, Competition, and Comradery

Ready to get sucked into a galaxy full of characters who will become your friends, enemies, and mentors? Star Runners books aren't just stories – they're experiences! From heart-pounding opening scenes to the mind-blowing plot twists, you’re about to embark on a journey that will stay with you long after you've turned the last page.

Star Runners | The Saga Begins

A talented gamer. A secret military program. Will he discover the curriculum is out of this world?

High school senior Austin Stone hates being trapped in his hometown. With no chance at a scholarship, he’s resigned to a bleak future where his friends head off to college and his only escape is the Star Runners video game. But when he secures the top spot on an elite server, he’s shocked to receive an invitation to attend a mysterious academy.

Reporting to a classified location, Austin is astonished to find a covert military base and learn his favorite game was a high-tech simulator. And he soon finds himself in the cockpit of a real spaceship battling intergalactic pirates on increasingly dangerous missions. But space pillaging is just the beginning of a whole new level of perils…


Star Runners is the first book in an adventurous sci-fi series. If you like detailed game worlds, ambitious heroes, and galactic battles, then you’ll love L.E. Thomas’s electrifying coming-of-age story set among the stars.

Ready to blast off?

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