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Star Runners | The Saga Begins

A talented gamer. A secret military program. Will he discover the curriculum is out of this world?

High school senior Austin Stone hates being trapped in his hometown. With no chance at a scholarship, he’s resigned to a bleak future where his friends head off to college and his only escape is the Star Runners video game. But when he secures the top spot on an elite server, he’s shocked to receive an invitation to attend a mysterious academy.

Reporting to a classified location, Austin is astonished to find a covert military base and learn his favorite game was a high-tech simulator. And he soon finds himself in the cockpit of a real spaceship battling intergalactic pirates on increasingly dangerous missions. But space pillaging is just the beginning of a whole new level of perils…


Star Runners is the first book in an adventurous sci-fi series. If you like detailed game worlds, ambitious heroes, and galactic battles, then you’ll love L.E. Thomas’s electrifying coming-of-age story set among the stars.

Ready to blast off?

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